How Cosy Cares for Your Travel


Constant training imparted to inculcate culture within every employee that Everyone is a Housekeeper 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Hand sanitisers/disinfectant wipes and disposable masks will be available at the entrance of the lobby.

All exchanges between guests and associate will be followed by disinfection and sanitization (pens, bill folders,keys cards, luggage handling, photo identifications, cash transactions etc.).

All guests will undergo temperature checks before entering the hotel. Temperature reading will be taken for all in-house guests once each day. Guests running a temperature of more than 99°F will be met by a hotel doctor to provide medical assistance and advise further course of action.

Only single occupancy will be provided unless guests are a family unit.

Only rooms which have been rested for 24 hours post disinfection will be allocated to a guest.

Any visitors with a temperature of more than 99°F will not be permitted to enter the hotel. Face masks will be mandatory and available for anyone who does not have one.

All baggage will be sanitised on arrival with correctly formulated disinfectant.

Each guest will find in their rooms a hand sanitiser for their personal use.

Guests arriving from restricted countries or regions will be required to share detailed
information, as prescribed by the Ministry of Tourism’s protocols, prior to arrival.

All information required for registration will be requested in advance to reduce the
time spent upon arrival.


Digital menu will be shared over whatsapp upon check-in

  • Guests are requested to advise check-out plans at least 20 minutes in advance so that the bills can be prepared in time for the check-out.
  • Guest will be briefed about the hotels level of preparedness over email and WhatsApp in hygiene and safety and the changed service offerings.
  • Visitors of the guests will not be permitted access to guest floors.
  • Guests will be requested to settle all bills through digital payments. Exchange of cash will be discouraged. Credit cards will be placed on a tray and sanitized while receiving and handing over the credit card. Payment receipts will be emailed to all guests. Handing over of physical copies will be discouraged.

Cleaning Measures Redefined-The New Normal…

There will be continuous cleaning and sanitisation of all touchpoints in the lobby telephones, door handles, elevator buttons, railings and lobby furniture.
  • Deep cleaning of rooms will be done with extra focus on surfaces such as door handles, knobs, remote controls, writing table tops, switches, telephones, WC flush handles, health faucets, vanity counters and doors.
  • All tablets and credit card machines will be sanitised before and after every use. Staff will sanitise hands before holding the tablets and card machines or exchanging any currency.


  • Cellular phone chargers and power banks provided for guest use will be sanitised after each use.
  • All parcels, courier items, shopping bags, etc. received or given to guests will be sanitised before entering the hotel and the guests’ room.
  • Only one associate will be allowed to enter the room for the purpose of cleaning, placing laundry and additional amenities. Room cleaning will be done when the guest is not in the room. Rooms will go through the highest levels of sanitization and will use tested chemicals to disinfect surfaces.
  • All our properties will undergo regular internal audit checks for sanitisation, hygiene, and protective equipment.

As a responsible hospitality chain, we @ The Cosy Hotels, are working towards welcoming guests, post-lockdown and maintaining health, hygiene, with best disinfection practices followed and well-being as our topmost priorities for all our stakeholders including our guests, staff, vendors.

We assure you Sanitised stays with minimal touch and are moving towards our contactless experience delivery by introducing QR solution for contactless ordering, facilitating contactless payment right from contactless check-in till check-out which will also be contactless which is the new normal.